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This is the twelfth design and fourth location of my personal blog, which focuses on books, style, Catholic life, and other stuff I like.

I started blogging in 2002, when I discovered the phenomenon of blogging itself. I’ve been keeping a journal since the sixth grade, so it seemed only natural to start blogging as I started spending more time online. At the time, LiveJournal still required invite codes and I needed a free host. Blogger became my first CMS. I used Blogspot to host Musings, which I quickly renamed and moved to Calliope Calls. That site remains as a placeholder for any ancient links still floating around.

In 2006, I made the switch to WordPress and changed my blog’s name to Contrariwise. Anna of Fuchsia-Revolver.org has been my gracious host since then.

I purchased the domain LindsayLoves.com in July 2011 and renamed my blog to match. This feels like a good place to stay for a while.

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The third and fourth designs are only available as thumbnails. I tried to make them myself before I actually knew what thumbnails were, so I don’t have full-size images. All other thumbnails link to the full-size version.

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