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ACE Teacher Song Parody

We English teachers are at it again. Today, we went over how to teach humor. Class was fairly enjoyable today. Dr. Lamm asked us to collaborate on a parody of “My Favorite Things” (from The Sound of Music). I asked if we could write about “My Most-Hated Things” instead, and this was our resulting first verse.

Mayonnaise on burgers and leaky trash water,
Reruns of Top Gun and Welcome Back, Kotter,
Checks on Doc’s* homework, his frightening smile,
These are some things that I really revile.

*Doc Doyle is our Intro to High School Teaching professor, who is also in charge of the ACE M.Ed. program. He’s an excellent teacher and incredibly knowledgeable (one of the Montgomery ACErs is teaching at a middle school named for him!), but he intimidates us every second he’s not helping us learn or making us laugh with joy.

ACE Teacher Limerick

In my English content class this afternoon, the other 15’s and I wrote a collaborative limerick.

There was a young teacher in ACE.
Guys got in her personal space.
One was quite a tiger,
And his name was Zeiser*.
To stay chaste she brought out her mace.

*It should be noted that Zeiser, though a real person, did not do this. He is quite the stand up guy, in fact. We just liked the sound of “tiger” and “Zeiser.” We have English degrees; we’re qualified to do things like that.

Prepping for Tomorrow

I intended to polish and publish my post about FOCUS Conference today. After a long day, I can tell that that isn’t going to happen. I have an interview tomorrow for the Integrated Master’s Certification Program here at Maryland. My primary goal is still to join ACE; it seems like the perfect chance to try out Catholic schools and go to grad school for free. I don’t know where I’m going to find the money for grad school if I don’t get into ACE, but Maryland is an option. I might have to leave this one up to God.

I have also realized that I need a good, everyday pair of black shoes. None of mine really go with everything.

Life would be so much easier if you didn’t need money to get stuff.

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