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What Should We Call Catholic

I have been familiar with the “What should we call me” meme [partial language warning] for a while, mostly through my friend Katharine. She’s an aero grad student (a.k.a. a rocket scientist) who follows one such blog about being a graduate student.

But I never realized the potential of creating a Catholic one!

When I wake up late and realize I missed morning Mass

For me, there's also usually some mild cursing. Let's be honest.

For me, there’s also usually some mild cursing. Let’s be honest.

When I go to a church and the doors are locked

This was totally my face one morning when I almost couldn't get in for my holy hour. But it was early, so I didn't start out looking quite this happy.

This was totally my face one morning when I almost couldn’t get in for my holy hour. But it was early, so I didn’t start out looking quite this happy.

When I leave the confessional

Aww, yeah!

Aww, yeah!

“For nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

So right, Cady!

So right, Cady!

When I feel like God isn’t listening

This would be maybe every day.

This would be maybe every day.

When I haven’t been to Confession in over a month

And this would be me right now. I've got a plan, though.

And this would be me right now. I’ve got a plan, though.

I apologize for ruining your productivity, but not really, because Let Me Be Catholic can brighten all your days now! I actually read through all the archives (which takes a while, just so you know). Which is your favorite?

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 179

— 1 —

Nickelodeon has rebooted Figure It Out. This sounds like a good idea, except that they’ve apparently done the same thing CTW did to Sesame Street. I haven’t watched Sesame Street since I was about seven, but I’ve heard that the old-school “How to Get to Sesame Street” song has been changed to a ten-second spree of colors and a super-fast song.

Among the problems:

  • I am definitely old, because I have no idea who most of the panelists are. I want Danny Tamberelli and Amanda Bynes back, man.
  • There is a definite lack of Summer Sanders.
  • Each round is supposed to be the same length. It’s not fun if the panelists don’t win every now and then; it just seems fixed. I want kids to win prizes, but I also want to watch a good game.
  • The set is so busy. There are colors and funky shapes all over the place. Bring back Billy the Answer Head!
  • The prize announcer and sound effects are loud, and the kids aren’t super interesting.

I know I’m not their target market, but if you’re going to reboot a classic, at least do a good job. The 90’s Are All That has been so successful! Maybe Figure It Out just needs to be hosted by Stick Stickly.

— 2 —

To celebrate Independence Day, I went with some friends down to Auditorium Shores to watch fireworks against the skyline. There was an amazing reflection off the mirrored windows of the closest skyscraper. I didn’t take any photos of the fireworks themselves, because no camera is as good as my eyes (with glasses), but I had a great time hanging out with friends and getting a bit of fresh air and sunshine.

This blue color was incredible!

— 3 —

On a related Instagram note, IG has redesigned the individual photo pages. They are much more useful now. Check out the page for that skyline photo, and if you’re on Instagram, follow me!

— 4 —

This probably should have been number 1, but today is the feast day of St. Maria Goretti! She is my favorite saint for a number of reasons. I wear holy medals every day, and the only one with an individual saint (besides Mary and Jesus) is one of her. I pray four novenas every year, and I just finished the one to her yesterday afternoon. (I missed a day somewhere, but I caught up, which is my usual novena pattern anyway.) If you’ve never heard of her, you’re missing out. She is one to know for chastity advocates everywhere.

— 5 —

I discovered this week that two of my real-life friends who I didn’t know had blogs… well, do. Brittany at Miss Communication writes about her life as a slightly sarcastic but very lovable counseling professional (the lovable is my assessment, not hers, but it is still true. Pomeranian Catholic writes about the life of faith and his experiences training to become a Camaldolese Benedictine Oblate and as a young adult Catholic living with disability.

— 6 —

I would like to second Jen’s observation that midweek holidays are disconcerting and toss in a vote for weekly Wednesday holidays. Unfortunately, I also have to add the bad news that Halloween is already scheduled to fall on Wednesday. Which weekend do you throw your party: the one that’s clearly too soon or one that will feel too late because it’s several days into November?

Furthermore, Christmas Day is on a Tuesday. UT final exams end exactly one week earlier. When should I plan to fly home? If you’re a Christmas Eve pageant Massgoer, do you go two days in a row (the Fourth Sunday of Advent and then the very next day)? If you go to an actual Midnight Mass at midnight, does it feel like Christmas lasts for three days? (It actually lasts for eight, but that’s a different deal.) If you wait until Christmas Day, what do you do with that odd Monday in the middle?

This bunny and I have similar expressions when our wonderfully comforting patterns get disrupted.
(photo by sgrace)

Leap Day, you are a cute novelty, but why did you ruin the calendar for the rest of the year?

— 7 —

I participated in Hallie’s love song linkup, and then I realized that, aside from admitting to “Love You Like a Love Song,” I left out any other silly choices. Although I’m not big on “Silly Love Songs,” by Wings, I do like silly love songs. I also like some of the super-angsty ones like “Iris,” by the Goo Goo Dolls, even though that will always be associated with someone from my past. This sounds like a follow-up post to me!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

No More, No Less

Peter at The Ark and the Dove was disgusted by a recent Newsweek article anticipating President Obama’s meeting with the pope. I read it, and though I did not respond with the same revulsion, I was distressed.

I am very proud to be from Maryland (I brought my flag up from Alabama specifically to decorate my dorm room for the summer), but things like that article make me ashamed. Not only is Kathleen Kennedy Townsend a vocally pro-choice Catholic Democrat, but she was the lieutenant governor of Maryland. Back before I really started learning and caring about my faith, I’m pretty sure I campaigned for her outside the primary polls to earn community service hours. Oops.

Townsend’s political and religious conflicts aside, this article is an excellent reminder that the Catholic Church in the United States does not control the world. Catholicism sustained itself just fine long before there was a single Protestant colony, let alone this country. (And Maryland was the Catholic colony!) It may be true that 54% of American Catholics voted for Obama, but Obama is not in charge of the Church, and neither are the people that voted for him. Similarly, American Catholics’ thinking that something is right does not make it so.

Townsend writes that, in Humanae Vitae (which, incidentally, I just printed the other day), “authority—not truth, not love—prevailed.” Does she think you can’t be authoritative, truthful, and loving at the same time? I think I know a guy who did that. His name was Jesus, and to any Catholic worth her salt, Jesus left the pope in charge. If Townsend really believes that Obama wants nothing more than “polite disagreement”—that is, that he doesn’t want the pope to change his views—then why bother making this statement? However, if she doesn’t think Obama wants a change from the Vatican, then this article simply proves that, no matter what changes Americans want, Rome will do what is right.

A Few Sots in Our Lot

T. O. at LAMLand relays a priest friend’s story about old Catholic habits that die hard. I guess it goes to show how much the Church ingrains itself into our lives. No matter how hard you try to fight him, God will get to you. Once a follower, always a follower.

Fr. Bill, when I emailed the post to him, replied, “Who’s to say the man wasn’t still a Catholic? We have a few sots in our lot.” It takes all sorts.


Disbelief: what I feel at having been linked from SwitchFeed. I love Switchfoot; they’re my favorite band. I was delighted to find Switchfeed, and I thought it was really cool when they went official. Never, ever did I think that I would find myself linked in SwitchFeed, and therefore linked from Switchfoot.com. Never!

Switchfoot.com Link

Here’s what my site traffic looked like in response:
Traffic Due to Switchfoot.com Link

This is the coolest thing that has happened to me since I was personally blessed by Archbishop Wuerl.

Yeah, I’m a great big Catholic nerd, but if this is what happens to Catholic nerds, I say, bring it on!

Converts Are Cool

Some of my favorite Catholics are converts. I can only imagine what an experience it must be to come from some other religious tradition (or none!) to the truth of the Holy Catholic Church.

That said, I love it even more when converts and I think alike. Somehow, I stumbled across a link to “How and Why I Am Becoming Catholic,” by Pete of Fortune Favors the Bold. I was struck by two things in particular from his converting story. First, he read St. Thomas Aquinas without getting bogged down in it. Even I’m not that brave. Second, he recommends Catholicism for Dummies. I love that book!

Congratulations on your decision, Pete. I’ll save the “welcome” for next March.

I’m in a podcast!

My first super-cool blog moment was being mentioned in the National Catholic Register, albeit under my old title and at my old URL on Blog*Spot. Today I had my second: I’m in a podcast! I submitted my entry on the Eucharistic Congress to the Catholic Carnival, and The Catholic Underground mentioned it in their podcast! Clearly, I needed to re-add that “About Me” section to the sidebar sooner, but still. I’m in a podcast! Yay!

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